Classic to the Core at beautiful Omaha Country Club Wedding

Andra & Connor |  Omaha Country Club  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

Black on ivory. 

Those three words could have been the only thing I wrote down from the consultation I had with Andra before we started designing invitations for her August 2016 wedding.  She knew what she wanted.  And classic was what she wanted.

And even today, when I meet with a future bride wanting a classic look, Andra & Connor’s wedding invitations are the first I grab.  These beautiful ivory paper invitations are adorned with gold foiled names.  Past that…it’s black on ivory.  The font is classic and beautiful.  And everything flows.  It’s one of my favorites from this past year.

We created so many great pieces for their wedding day including ceremony programs, custom signs, menus, place cards and a welcome card for their guest hotel gift bags.

Of course I need to give credit to Wyn Wiley and his amazing photos from Andra & Connor’s wedding.  I have a few photos here, but please go check out the rest of his blog post about their big day.

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Perfect Purple Classic Invitations for Omaha Wedding

Emily & Paul |  Legacy Hall  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

I never ask, “what are your wedding colors?”  I’ve learned that not all couples have distinct wedding colors.  The typical response I would receive: “Well, I don’t really have A color.”  Tones, hues and combinations is typically what I see.

Emily and Paul were on the opposite spectrum.  Her purple was beautiful and we brought it out perfectly on their wedding invitations.  Their wedding invitations have a very classic look to them, which paired perfectly for their Catholic wedding ceremony.  I was in awe when she sent me her wedding photos. Those florals!  Breathtaking pops of color to compliment everything they put together.

purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations

Emily and Paul were a joy to work with.  We designed their wedding invitation suite, ceremony programs and thank you cards for their wedding day.  Congrats you two!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Ceremony Location: Christ the King Catholic Church
Reception Location: Legacy Hall
Photographer: Bailey Sturgeon Photography
Dress: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Florist & Cake: Hy-Vee (96th and Q St.)
Caterer: My Own Touch Catering
Makeup: Teresa and Melissa Gorman
Hair: Ambition Salon
Invitations: dSy Invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations purple wedding invitation omaha, nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations



Watercolor Floral Invitations (& rain) bring touch of Spring to Fall Omaha Wedding

Kelsey & Grant |  Livestock Exchange Building  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

As I dive into 2017 weddings, I’m designing my fair share of watercolor floral invitations.  And with each one being so different, I’m not sure if I can get tired of creating them.  And there is always one bride who will set the tone for me.  Who will bring me an idea that I’ve been seeing out there, but haven’t created yet. 

floral pocket wedding invitations lace

Kelsey wanted to bring in her neutral floral inspiration into her wedding invitations.  My response?  Yes, please!  I’ve been wanting to create something like these, but since I only do custom design, I need a couple who wants to create these too.  And did we ever.  Pair a beautifully designed wedding invitation with a blush pocket, a lace belly band and navy blue envelope liners (which I pretty much begged her to do), and I can’t show off this invitation enough.

floral wedding invitations pocket omaha nebraska navy blush

Kelsey & Grant’s invitation suite is one I feature on my website and my social media quite a bit.  Their inspiration and style helped me create a design I show off so much at my invitation consultations.  And has inspired other designs as well.  For this couple, we created the invitation suite as well as ceremony programs.

floral watercolor wedding invitations ceremony programs omaha nebraska dana osborne

And these photos….seriously?  Can these two make a rainy wedding day look any more amazing?  Congrats, Kelsey & Grant.  Your day looked amazing.  Thank you for trusting me to design such amazing pieces for your perfect day.

Ceremony location: First Unitarian Church of Omaha
Reception location: Livestock Exchange Ballroom
Photographer: Cassie Rosch
Dress: Ivy and Aster
Tuxes/Suits: Tip Top Tux
Florist: Loess Hills Floral
Cake: Lynn Paumer (groom’s mom!  amazing!)
DJ/Music: Complete Music
Makeup: Model Perfect Airbrush
Hair: Hairworx
Invitations: dSy invitations

floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne first unitarian church floral watercolor wedding invitations ceremony programs omaha nebraska dana osborne blush bouquet floral watercolor wedding invitations ceremony programs omaha nebraska dana osborne floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne bouquet blush white floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations floral watercolor wedding invitations omaha nebraska dana osborne dSy invitations


Modern fall wedding invitations for fun, downtown Omaha wedding

Danyelle & Jim |  Omaha Design Center |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

There are sometimes I really connect with a couple.  And then there are sometimes  I connect so much that I kinda wanna ask if I could come to their wedding.  I mean, I do have an invitation, right? 

Danyelle and Jim were such a fun couple to work with.  Their Save the Dates showed their personality.  Laughing.  I’m thinking they probably do this a lot together.  They allowed me to create one of my favorite fall inspired wedding invitation.  Plus other pieces.  A lot of other pieces.  We created so many fun custom wedding signs, table numbers which were also booklets their guests could write in (so amazing) and then top it off with Thank You cards.

The day after their wedding, I was at the Omaha Design Center for a wedding show.  Of course, I posted on Instagram I was there.  Low and behold, Danyelle and Jim stopped by because they were staying at the hotel next door.  They just wanted to thank me and say hi.  That is the reason I do this, people.  To connect with people.  To make their biggest day, just a little bit sweeter.

Congrats, you two.  Thanks for being you.


Pop of raspberry makes this Des Moines, Iowa wedding glow

Ellen & Matthew  |  FFA Enrichment Center  |  Des Moines, Iowa  |  dSy invitations

We were down to crunch time with Ellen & Matt’s invitations.  She wanted gold foiling, which I love, but it takes some time for this gorgeous process to happen.  So I had my print shop ship the invites directly to Ellen.  She promised to send a few to me.  No problem. But was I disappointed when they showed up to me.  Not because they weren’t gorgeous…because they were.  It’s because Ellen was doing her own calligraphy on the envelopes and she didn’t do one for me!  I forgave her because she’s one of the sweetest brides I worked with.  From her photo, the calligraphy looked amazing 🙂

Ellen and Matt were on trend by bringing gold into their wedding day color.  But what I loved was the “pop of raspberry” that we brought to this invitation package.  There was just a bit on the printed pieces.  But the envelope liner…oh my…that pop had to impress when guests opened it for the first time. 

Their wedding day looked nothing less than perfect.  For this couple, we designed wedding invitations, ceremony programs and reception menus. I feel blessed to have designed for this Des Moines couple and created some fantastic wedding invitations.  Congrats again, Ellen & Matt!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Schaffer’s





Gold Inspired Wedding Invitation for Omaha Holland Performing Arts Center Wedding

Abby & Thomas  |  Holland Performing Arts Center  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

I love looking back and blogging about the couples I designed for last year. But sometimes, I don’t even have to.
Thanks Steph Fowler Photography for the amazing photos from Abby & Tom’s August Omaha wedding. Their ceremony at Saint Patricks Church…beautiful. Their reception at Omaha Performing Arts – Holland Performing Arts Center…breathtaking.
Of course the photo of their invitations…magnificent! 

Check out so many more photos of this beautiful downtown Omaha, Nebraska wedding.  



Want Glitter? We Got Glitter for this Country Glitter Clive, Iowa Wedding

Ashley & Joe  |  Clive, Iowa  |  dSy invitations

It’s always a sad realization when I never get to meet a bride face-to-face.  Don’t get me wrong.  Not seeing a couple doesn’t affect how I design or creating nothing-less-than-perfect invitations.  And it hit me the day I sent Ashley’s ceremony programs to print that I’ve never met her!  But we worked so well together.  And I wished nothing but the best for her and Joseph’s September wedding in Clive, Iowa.

I love showing her invitations off to a couple.  Because there is a WOW factor when you open the envelope.  Glitter gold envelope liners.  Probably my favorite part.  With gold glitter belly bands.  Yes, please!

Her navy double layer invitations had to be the talk of her wedding guests.  I’ve done nothing like these before.  I love the small blush accents throughout.  Just a touch of that beautiful color!

And Save the Date postcards!  It’s easy to show off such a cute couple!

Take a moment to take in their wedding day.  It’s country….it’s gorgeous.  And I would have to think, it was an amazing day for Ashley & Joe!

Congrats to this fabulous couple!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Marie Photography.

Gold Foil Classic Invitation Defines St. Vincent de Paul Omaha Wedding

Andra & Connor  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

I meet a bride who knows exactly what she wants a few times a year.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  The couples I usually meet with have a good idea of what they want.  But then there is Andra.  I still remember the day I met with her.  She had her style down pat.  And when it came to designing it, she had me double and triple check font sizes.  As a designer, I don’t encourage that, but I do appreciate it.  What we designed for her Omaha, Nebraska wedding at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, nothing less than stellar.

It’s the first one I currently grab when I meet with a couple who wants something classic.  I’ve had brides want to recreate it in their own colors or just sit in aww at it’s pure beauty.

From the photos from the talented Wyn Wiley of Andra and Connor’s wedding day, it looked as amazing as she described it to be.

Not only invitations, but we designed ceremony programs, welcome cards for her hotel guest welcome bags, menus, placecards and a large welcome sign.

I loved all these pieces!

Congrats to this wonderful couple!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Ceremony Location: St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
Reception Location: Omaha Country Club
Photographer: Wyn Wiley
Dress: Ready or Knot
Tuxes/Suits: Jerry Ryan
Florist: Flowers for Special Occasions
Videographer: Complete Video
Music: Eckophonic
Makeup: Kiss and Makeup
Hair: Wedding Specialist Katie P




Omaha Bridal Show | Jan. 15 | dSy invitations

One of my favorite things to do each year is to be in front of 100’s of bride and grooms-t0-be at wedding shows.  I think my ultimate favorite part is hearing about each couple’s style.  Most couples are spot-on when it comes to the latest looks and trends.  And then you have a few that want to be different, and they always intrigue me!

So Omaha, Nebraska and Lincoln, Nebraska brides…come see me at the Scripps Media Omaha Bridal Show presented by Enchanted Travel on January 15 at the CenturyLink Omaha.  And right now, register and get $2 off admission!  Make sure to tell them I sent you (if you can…or just come see me).

Relationships and Big Dreams | My time at Creative at Heart

My goal for 2016: invest in myself and go to a conference that will help me grow.  How I stumbled upon Creative at Heart, I don’t recall.  Probably an Instagram post that lead me to another post that lead me to another post and boom: I found the conference I needed to go to.  I was a bit bummed when their conference in Denver was only a few months after my son was born, but I wasn’t going to miss their last one of the year, so I signed up for the Memphis conference in November.  I mean, Memphis. Why not?

View More:

My expectations: I didn’t have any.  I just wanted to soak everything in.  And as I sit here and reflect, one month later, I still get goosebumps.  Never have I met so many like-minded women in the same room as myself.

I’ve always had a hard time explaining what I do:

Oh, you design invitations?  Like for a baby shower?  (Yes, but it’s more than that.)

I bet it’s nice to work at home and spend time with your kids.  (Well, my three kids go to school & daycare so I can work.  Have you ever tried to work with kids around?  I have.)

I bet it’s nice to work for yourself. (Yes, it is.  Except when I didn’t get a maternity leave.  And when I’m the only one who works on every aspect of a project.  And that business development/accounting/HR/marketing/social media….that’s all me too.)

But these ladies got it.  They got it so much when I would talk about my goals, my dreams, my frustrations…heads nodded.  Words of encouragement and relation came from their mouths.  I wasn’t quite expecting such a connection.


The Peabody Hotel was a great backdrop to this amazing gathering of people.  (Yes, I saw the ducks. They were fantastic.) The speakers, top notch.  A few I have to point out:

Jen Olmstead with Tonic Site Shop – I loved listening to Jen speak and she was one of my panel leaders and I felt we coulda chatted about marketing, branding, etc all day.  She was the second speaker and after her, I knew I was at the right place to get my business to the next level. My takeaway from Jen: Build your brand and your ideal client will come.  Connect through content.


Krista & Davey Jones – Loved these two.  And they really help me put SEO perspectives into place.  I kinda knew what I was doing, but now I know more of the why behind it.  Plus more.   My takeaway: doing the little things on my website and blog that can make a big difference on the web.

Mary & Justin – My roommate in Memphis said she saw Mary Marantz in the lobby.  She was awestruck.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t know who she was talking about.  But I get it now.  Mary is now someone I follow and want to learn more from.  Her talk was on pricing.  I have no idea the details of pricing she shared.  But I gained a lot from her talk.  I loved how she showed examples of where they started to where they are now.  I could relate and it gave me confidence to be okay with changes I’ve been considering.   My takeaway from Mary: acting like a CEO and be willing to do the work (it’s suppose to be hard….love the photo below).


Katelyn James – Her and Mary are hand-in-hand in my book as amazing business women who have set the bar high.  I coulda listened to Katelyn talk all day.  She has a great story.  So much I took away from her talk.  Highlights include: sharing more about myself; live in freedom, not fear; make small changes first.


And I gotta give big props to Kat Schmoyer on her vision of this conference and bringing so many people who can benefit from each other together.  I understand the work it takes to put something like this together.  And three of them in a year….for real.  You deserve a vacation.

I got an email from two of my friend after my conference.  They asked how it was.  My answer: Life changing.  They thought I was joking. I wasn’t.  It was. Yes, a conference.  And I can’t wait to make some big strides in myself and my business because of it.